We are husband and wife "LightPartners"  - dedicating our energy to supporting people, projects and communities that embody and enhance the Light of Humanity.  We love connecting those "remembering" that their purpose on Earth is to love, grow and evolve spiritually.

We believe that as Humanity makes conscious choices from a place of LOVE, co-creates with Spirit & cooperates with Nature,
we will collectively evolve a World that works for Everyone.

Sacred Activists ~  Connectors of Good ~ Mystic Warriors ~ Professional Wanderers ~ Minstrels  of the Heart ~ Semi-nomadic Seed-planters





2020 will be a critical year for All of Creation. Humanity. The Animal Kingdom. The Plant Kingdom. The Mineral Kingdom. Our Common Home.


We would like to invite YOU - personally - to engage more deeply in bringing the Love, Compassion and Action needed at this Blessed Time.

The Caravan of Unity Across America will feature simultaneous tours and events for harmony and peace across America THIS September.  The Caravan will include a global celebration of Peace Weekend for International Day of Peace on September 19-21 at the United Nations in New York.

 The core of the Caravan will journey from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, to Los Angeles, to Colorado, to  Saint Louis , to Chicago, to New York. Caravan events and activities will not ONLY occur along this route; but ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE in the United States.

Find the JOY that is planning this exceptional moment in peacemaking at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAdU6sIDOpw  (See Your LightPartners at time mark 3:25!)


You are invited to learn much more about and sign up to engage in the Caravan at: https://unity.earth/caravan/ 





JOIN US at our LIVE Convergence in June ~ in beautiful Loveland, Colorado

You are invited to join with others who feel the call to co-create with the Field of Consciousness to serve the highest expression of Humanity. 

We are a group of evolutionary souls dedicated to co-creating a new humanity inspired by such visionaries as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Buckminster Fuller and the Pure Source in every one of us.

Our intention is to deepen into this emerging consciousness and bring this understanding “back home” to our daily lives, communities and beyond.

Four ways to be a part of this community:

(1) On Facebook 24/7 as part of our group - post your comments, projects and how we can support you !  https://www.facebook.com/groups/LoveCCC/

(2) Join our Third Thursday CCC "Reunion" calls on ZOOM - - Topics are posted on Fecebook; you can even host a call/guest - just contact Noel at Cocreators@LightPartners.org. 


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/443204728

TIME: 5:30 PM PT; 6:30 PM MT; 7:30 PM CT; 8:30 PM ET

(3) Attend our amazing, annual CO-CREATORS' CONVERGENCE at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO:

  • CCC - Year  8: Wednesday, June 3-7, 2020

  • CCC - Year  9: Wednesday, June 23-27, 2019


(4) At www.cocreatorsconvergence.com

  • Wix Facebook page
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