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Costa Rica

Humanitarian Foundation

The Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation (CRHF) is a non-profit organization committed to developing creative and economical solutions to a wide range of social problems in Costa Rica. The CRHF provides opportunities to exchange friendship, goods, services, and financial resources for critical needs among different cultures, socio-economic classes, and language groups.

Our vision is to create a better quality of life for all those we work with, supporting at-risk and special needs populations so they may have more choices for their future and fostering greater sensitivity in populations providing services.

Executive Director Gail Nystrom founded the CRHF in 1997 (Cédula Jurídica Número 3-006-204046) and has guided the organization since its establishment.


Although the CRHF continues to evolve and adapt, our original Core Values remain unchanged:

Innovation: We develop creative and unique solutions to real social problems.

Integrity: We adhere to unyielding standards of transparency, honesty, and accountability.

Cooperation: We team with individuals, groups, and organizations from all over the world to realize our vision.

Cost Efficiency: We provide cost-effective and economical solutions by minimizing administrative costs and maximizing the productivity of our volunteers.

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Co-Creators Convergence is an evolving co-creative space where we explore Barbara Marx Hubbard’s ageless question “What is MY gift to the shift in humanity?” Here we openly explore for ourselves and lovingly support others exploring and expressing their answer to their question.

We do this with great love, compassion and joy, honoring all realms of Creation, to accelerate the awakening of Humanity. All are welcome.

You are invited to join with others who feel the call to co-create with the Field of Consciousness to serve the highest expression of Humanity.

FOUR ways to participate in this loving community:

(1) Right here on Facebook as part of our group - post your comments, projects and how we can support you!

(2) Join our Thursday CCC (Re)Union video calls on ZOOM - ALL WELCOME - Topics & guests vary weekly - Topics are posted; you can even host a call/guest - just contact Noel at

Time: 8:00 PM Eastern Time; 7:00 PM CT; 6:00 PM MT; 5:00 PM PT for 60 to 90 minutes


Join Zoom Meeting

(3) Attend our amazing annual gathering of evolutionary souls! CO-CREATORS CONVERGENCE at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO: CCC-Year 9 June, 2022

(4) Visit our website where we archive all our calls and have a photo gallery, etc.:

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