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to love, grow and evolve spiritually.

We believe that as Humanity makes conscious choices from a place of LOVE, co-creates with Spirit & cooperates with Nature,
we will collectively evolve a World that works for Everyone.

We are serving The Revolution of LOVE!

Sacred Activists ~  Connectors of Good ~ Lovers and Defenders of Mother Earth  ~ Mystic Warriors  ~   Professional Wanderers ~   Minstrels  of the Heart ~ Seed-planters  ~   BlabberMouths    for Good

SHINE the Light on fear.

TRUST life's journey.

ACT   wisely.




Recently, we viewed THREE items that “rocked our world” as to the depths of our Beloved Country’s current systematic and institutionalized racism – and the basis of this disgrace.

We believe our Country and the entire world is at a tipping point of negative energy positioned to "dismiss" humanity for the planet.  It is our resonsibility to SHINE LIGHT and LOVE on our human experience and LIFT ourselves and others to ahigher consciousness.  The following can open our eyes to WHERE the LIGHT and LOVE is needed!

Your choice. Watch, discern, learn, research further, choose to share and/or act on what you learn.

Part 1:  A Native American’s Ted Talk about the embedded dehumanization of individuals in our very founding documents and how these doctrines are still defended by the US Supreme Court TO THIS DAY.

Part 2:  A DemocracyNow! two-segment interview about the “Racial Caste System” which exists and its basis through history supporting our current behavior to continue its dismissal of fellow citizens. (Did you know the Nazis sent scholars to the US to study the Jim Crow Laws to bring to their discussion for the rise of Nazism?)

Part 3:  A Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver on the US History on racism - specifically what we teach (or do NOT) our young citizens, which perpetuates the immoral actions of country. (Caution: Last Week Tonight always contains “adult language.”)


Part 1

Ted Talk ~  'We the People' - the three most misunderstood words in US history:  https://youtu.be/HOktqY5wY4A

Part 2

(It’s a two-segment interview.)

Segment 1: The U.S. Racial Caste System: https://www.democracynow.org/2020/8/12/caste_isabel_wilkerson

Segment 2: Breaking “Long-Standing Barriers” of the Caste System: https://www.democracynow.org/2020/8/12/isabel_wilkerson_on_the_us_caste

Part 3

Jon Oliver on US History

(caution – Jon’s language):  https://youtu.be/hsxukOPEdgg





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