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We’ve never had a dog which:

     Was a puppy.

     Sat on our laps.

     Liked to jump in the lake.

     Liked to play with other dogs.

     Liked – no, insisted – that she should stick her head out of the car window.

Very “dog” things. But that was all new to our household.

What she does have in common with her ancestors – Pumpkin, Reggie and Boomer - especially Boomer – is her travel-lust. Yeah, she got the Aries-Sagittarius blend, too.

After Boomer was laid to rest near the Peace Pole dedicated to him in the “Boomer Meditation Peace Park” at White Eagle Lodge in Montgomery, Texas - a place at the top of our world-traveling list of peaceful places – it was a couple years before Noel asked The Spirit of Boomer to send us “just the right companion.” Boomer delivered us a two-month-old puppy.

“A puppy!” Bob exclaimed in June 2021. “In the middle of us producing a World Unity Week 70-hour online broadcast?!?” – from our COVID-isolated new home in Tennessee. Why yes, what better time to have a puppy delivered to our front door by the shelter?

The theme of our WUW one-of-dozens, virtual “convergence room” was “Gifts of the Magi”, so “Maybelle” became “MAGI.” A two-month-old handful of brown fur, committed to pulling on everything with those razor-sharp baby teeth could grab – including the huge “green screen” sheet behind the Zoom broadcast. (Remember, they were still inventing the Zoom “backgrounds” in 2021.)

MAGI. All capital letters. Like BONO. Like CHER.

Bob’s “slow-start” of participation with MAGI (based on his claimed non-participation in the Noel/Boomer conspiracy), quickened, with the realization that this highly inconvenient life change was for purpose. Purpose for him being bringing in a Teacher of Living in The Present Moment / Teacher of Patience. The “classroom” quickly turned to unbounded J-O-Y for Noel AND Bob! The JOY (and, teaching) continues.

MAGI began, immediately upon arrival, forming her world-wide fan club. Now soul-family drive from as far as away as Chicago and New Orleans, just to spend 3 weeks at a time with her. Her INSISTANCE on a 3-mile walk by the lake, only substituted with a ball-fetching session, is a daily gift to the more-advanced-aged human bodies – and they are appreciative.

So…..thank you, Boomer. For the gift of The MAGI.

#  #  #

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