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“I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” ― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland 


I have been many different persons and the person writing this now probably doesn’t exist.  Historically, Noel Marshall, born in Washington, DC, and raised on a farm with her 14 siblings has ventured far from home.  After her Catholic education planted walls around her knowing, she travelled the road most traveled and took her first breath of air after receiving her Ph.D. in Communicative Disorders.  She published in scientific journals as well as non-scientific magazines.  Her calling was to the Creative yet never knew how It would express.  She married her life-partner, Bob Warner, and they continued to follow the usual corporate route as Noel spent her time in hospitals rehabilitating those with loss of language/aphasia.  All the while, her own language was developing.  After meeting Barbara Marx Hubbard, she felt most comfortable as a “conscious evolutionary.”  Together with Bob, they co-founded LightPartners whose mission is to “serve our ONE sacred life.” Their BEingness is dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet. To that end, LightPartners co-founded the Co-Creators Convergence which is open to all with a curiosity of who they will be tomorrow… and beyond. Noel is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at: 


Noel contributed a chapter to a book released in November 2013 - R*eVe*olution ~ The Return of the Divine Feminine - complied by Deyne Robbins which also includes a chapter by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Here is Noel's chapter.






Contact Noel at: or 920-312-0301




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