for an amazing adventure in personal empowerment and

world-changing action!



We LOVE the Mission of The Pachamama Alliance... to bring forth a environmentally-sustainable, socially-just and spiritually-fulfilling human presence on the planet.


So...we LOVE facilitating the Pachamama Alliance "Awaken The Dreamer" Symposiums AND Introduction to Project Drawdown!  If you would like to host us to conduct one of these life-changing experiences....just contact us.


Here are our currently planned symposiums and links to register:

March 24, 2020 ~ Conroe, Texas ~  AWAKENING THE DREAMER:  CLICK HERE  JOIN US: See page 44 of

March 31, 2020 ~ Conroe, Texas ~  INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT DRAWDOWN ~ CLICK HERE  JOIN US: See page 46 of