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Like everyone - if they recognize it - everything in Bob's life has been the perfect path to the present moment.  But he admits:  "The view There Then would never had been my expectation on THIS - a life of flowing unfoldment of spiritual growth, service to others and daily JOY!"


“Service” was always my career path, after a challenging childhood of constant household re-location and many years of personal torment from abuse from his father, and later, his step-father.  Attaining his pilot’s license while still in high school was a major life-change, one that brought a feeling of freedom – out of the house of horror and into the skies for a brief view of the world from a bird’s view.  Now…the view is always from the condor’s view, even when his physical feet are on terra firma.


The career of service was with national and international aviation associations - 37 years total, attaining senior positions at the Experimental Aircraft Association, National Association of State Aviation Officials and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.  This career provided opportunities of management responsibilities spanning the gamut of non-profit organization planning and operations, utilizing his aviation management degree from Auburn University, much additional professional education coursework and his continuous flying experiences.  He has led international delegations, flown in all 50 states and six foreign countries.  He has owned 7 airplanes and, with Noel, completed initial development of a residential airpark.


But in 2008, life really took a turn.  That year they stepped away from the career-driven life and began embracing a more purpose-driven life.  The j-o-b was over.  The airpark development project and their owner-designed and –contracted home were both sold…the same day.  Decades of accumulated “stuff” went to charities and the dump.  A discovery of true life-purpose and simpler living was emerging, through personal growth and study.


By early 2010, the former “keep-up-with-the-Jones” and “be-a-good-employee, save-for-retirement and pay-your-taxes” life was in the rear-view mirror, as all personal resources (time, treasure and talent) shifted to a much bigger life – and a much smaller carbon-footprint.  A life of openness to grace, continuous expansion - of awareness and experience - and peace emerging and fed daily.  


Today, Bob watches for opportunities to glow, grow, serve and invites others by his example to a life of recognition of humanity’s Oneness and the potential - through awakening – of all to contribute their Gift to a world the works for all.  It's about looking for places to say "YES!"


As of this moment, I choose to ~


Shine while serving


Glow while growing, and


Consciously contribute to a better World.



Contact Bob at: or 920-418-4862

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