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  • We believe that there is One Great Presence that is Everything.  Always has been and always will be.  Different cultures and religions call this by many names.  We believe this Great Presence is Love.  We usually call It “God.”


  • We believe that God is Everywhere and Everything.  And we believe that each human is a Divine Emanation of God.  


  • We believe that we are all One.  Not only the human species; but also the Animal World, The Mineral World and all of Nature.


  • We believe that EVERYTHING is for our good.  


  • We believe God loves diversity, so we do as well.  We also believe humor is a significant human attribute; and we all owe it to our fellow humans to exercise this trait.


  • We believe we are blessed to have been gifted Mother Earth, on which to dwell and that we have a obligation to The Mother, who has supported us up until this time.


  • We believe that we are co-creators of Our World, through our choices and actions.  


  • We believe we are all born into this World with love, kindness and compassion.  These are our birthrights and our opportunity, through freewill, to share with others as we walk the Earth.



Our Beliefs have evolved significantly in recent years as we have focused our intentions and attention on our spiritual path.


We have made many new choices in how we are now living our lives.  This has included: a focus on spiritual practice, personal growth through a heart-centered, awakened worldview and service to others.


Our spiritual practice and growth has been advanced by study with a number of teachers and the realization that all growth is really a simple matter of remembering oneself and expressing ourselves as our authentic selves.


Our awakened worldview has evolved from feeling The Truth - or lack of it – in what we see and hear presented as “reality.”  This awakening brings us to conclude that all of what we see is an illusion of our individual and collective consciousness and that it is the Unseen which matters most.  Our Worldview is Oneness.


Therefore, we have chosen to live life differently than we have in the past:

  • We dedicate our time to connection with and support of others who are committed to conscious choices.

  • We are committed to life-long learning and life expression based on this learning.

  • We honor all of Nature and the precious and glorious miracle it is.  We believe the Earth’s limited resources are being depleted at an unacceptable pace.  Therefore, we focus on conscious choices that respect the Earth with the gentlest footprint.

  • We focus our intention and attention on our heath – honoring “The Body Temple” for the sacred manifestation it is.


How does it get any better than this?

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