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We are ALL ABOUT sharing resources, contacts and experiences that can benefit YOU...and the evolution of a more loving, conscious world.



There is TONS of GOOD NEWS in the world!  Here are a couple of our favorite sources.  We learn so much about the creativity of our fellow humans/citizens - and enjoy sharing the GOOD.  

All have regular e-newsletters and/or mobile devise apps.

YES! Magazine -

Good News Network -

the Optimist Daily -


Solutions Magazine -

Happy Cow (all things vegan) -

News Sources


Our trusted sources for world news and analysis?  


The Guardian 

The Intercept 

CHECK OUT this media bias chart.

INDEPENDENT news is being devoured by corporate media giants. Since 1987 when the Republican-controlled FCC, did away with the "fairness-doctrine" responsibilities of the FCC-licensed broadcasts; there has NOT been a "honest, equitable, and balanced" disclosure of information for Americans so we can learn about and evaluate situations and be equipped with our own INFORMED views.  MOST "mainstream" American "news" is biased and tainted by corporate motives and advertising. The most radical cable “news” is actually, by definition, propaganda - intended to incite fear and tell citizens what to think and how to act.  Elements of the “political industrial complex” use “media” and “polls” as mere tools of their trade.

Any/every support we can give to “independent media” helps this important leg of our American democracy. Of course, your local and state-level independent media desperately needs your support.

Social Media


A WONDERFUL evolutionary tool for GOOD.  …and, like most human inventions, an opportunity for not-so-good!  In the evolving technology of social media, we have generally given our (unspoken and largely unaware) permission for we humans/citizens to actually become “the commodity” of commerce,while our psychological profiles have been assembled and analyzed for corporate and political purposes.

So…ours is to discern the ways to use the “technology for good” - as our Dear Mentor, Barbara Marx Hubbard always invited us to do. …and, to share this good in the service of our fellow humans and Our Common Home.

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